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ReyMichael "Rey" Marquez

Insurance Advisor

Rey Marquez has more than 17 years of experience in the financial and insurance services industry and provides guidance and insurance education to his clients so they can be better prepared for the unexpected events in life and feel more confident  throughout retirement.

He works in only the best interest of the client and helps them understand the insurance options they have, brings attention to the what-ifs in life and how to plan ahead, and makes recommendations for avoiding financial hardship.

Earlier in Rey’s career, he worked as an owner and loan officer in the mortgage business for seven years. This experience played a vital role in preparing him for the move to the insurance industry. He accomplished his own success with personal production, training and team leadership. He also acquired additional experience in the banking industry, as well as management of a medical billing company.

Rey was born in the Philippines Islands, in the city of Manila. He was five years old when his family made the decision to move to Seattle, where he grew up with two younger brothers. Raised by a mother who was a business owner and a father who was a CPA, he received the foundation and drive to help him excel. He attended College at Centro Escolar University in the Philippines, after which he returned to Seattle, where he currently lives.

Rey has been married to his wife more than 16 years, and together they have three children. He is deeply involved with his community.

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