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Carolina Montibelli


Carolina Montibelli, MSF, draws from her own experience in living the American dream, but only after years of overcoming personal and family obstacles, having a positive vision, and years of preparation and education. She wants to help clients plan their financial futures by sharing her knowledge and experience so they too can better understand their finances and feel more confident about planning in retirement.

She was born in Chile and moved to Miami when she was 20 years old. Carolina worked cleaning hotel rooms while learning English and saved to go to college. Once she learned the language, she decided to pursue her studies in finance. It greatly interested her how money functioned in communities and how one’s finances and their financial situation could affect so much in life. She became passionate about learning more and wanted to make a difference for others.

Carolina’s perseverance and willingness to help others led her to be the chair of EnVia Financial and she brought to life EnVia Multiversity, an educational platform that offers programs and seminars for individuals, couples, families, and business owners. The goal of this platform is to teach others how to become more productive, improve relationships, make better financial decisions, or become an entrepreneur. She feels strongly about helping other Latin American entrepreneurs with their growth and path to evolution and showing them that it’s more possible than they might believe.

As a Certified Functional Medicine Coach, Carolina also assists individuals to positively transform their lives. Through coaching, she provides support on living healthier and applies techniques such as motivational interviewing, SMART goal setting, assessing stages of change and pursuing personal growth and fulfillment. As a Kolbe Certified™ Consultant, Carolina is also qualified to work with children to help them discover how to succeed at school and home.

Carolina obtained her Bachelor of Business Administration and master’s degree in finance from Florida International University. She worked for several years as a financial analyst at a multinational corporation.

Through past speaking engagements, she has made a great contribution to her community and has become a well-respected resource on financial education for Hispanics. Carolina’s first book is The Gift of Financial Love, which shares tools, strategies, and healthy budgeting habits for couples to make the leap toward economic prosperity and financial strength. She has also shared her knowledge appearing on Actitud Latina, Noticias Telemundo, and Univision.

Carolina has one daughter, Belen Montibelli.

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