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Aaron David

Financial Strategist

As a results-driven financial strategist and teacher, Aaron challenges clients by offering different perspectives for looking at saving, investments, taxes and insurance, especially in ways one wouldn’t expect. He often works with clients to shift old mindsets and habits and aim their resources where they have the greatest benefit. In addition, he helps people to organize their finances more easily, lower expenses with no sacrifice, pay off consumer debt faster, methodically grow passive income, retire sooner, and even travel the world for free.

Aaron grew up off the grid in rural New Mexico with no running water or electricity. He got his first job at age 12 and graduated high school at 16. At 17 years old, he set out on his own to seek his fortune and after some travels he moved to San Diego, California, and began an apprenticeship in the Iron Workers Union. By 22, he became a journeyman, and by 25 a foreman.

From there, he organized his time and finances and began to travel the world. With a love for West African drumming and no colleges or teacher to provide the musical education he desired, Aaron began traveling to Mali year after year. Walking into small villages he learned the languages Bambara and Fulani from the locals and solicited instruction from the elders.

In this same spirit, through Aaron’s strong sense of curiosity and a passion for study, he invests countless hours researching methods for improving one’s financial circumstances. By applying what he’s learned, Aaron has since been able to fund a total of seven years of world travel, studying culture, music, and language.

Currently he lives in Seattle with his Malian wife, Saly, and son, Elijah. He teaches private and group drumming lessons weekly, as well as seminars all over the U.S. and Japan. Teamed up with ethnomusicologist James Morford, he has given lectures at UCLA, the University of Washington, and various events, and has published some of his theories on

As a successful real estate investor, he has amassed a portfolio of rental properties that produce monthly income to pay his family’s lifestyle expenses.

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